After obtaining the customer’s consent, proceed thoroughly 정보이용료 in the order above.


After obtaining the customer’s consent, proceed thoroughly in the order above. Even if you are an unpaid/policy customer, we will kindly guide you from the basic fare, so don’t worry!
We will always do our best honestly and pay the maximum amount. The content fee payment amount is the actual payment amount and VAT is included!
Unlike other companies, our company’s payment includes VAT, so don’t worry!
Business Registrar Mail Order Registrar Proven by numerous customer reviews, honest and reliable companies Minimize payment failure rate Fast Progress!
Contact us! Information Royalty Monetization What is Information Royalty Monetization? It is one of the monetization services using mobile phones that are made in a different way from small payments.
This is an additional limit that is different from the small payment limit, and it can be used even if you use up the small payment limit.
The limit is initialized at 00:00 on the 1st of every month, and the maximum limit is 1 million won.
Information usage fees (content usage fees) realize the advantages of information usage fees, unlike small payments, 정보이용료 are a method in which users download applications themselves, purchase content, and sell it to buyers.
For small payments, you must enter your personal information in the payment window and try to pay.
Meanwhile, information royalties are made by installing apps from the Google Play Store, entering the app, and purchasing what the seller wants! And Google Play’s loyalty payment policy is uniform, so if you don’t pay in one app, you don’t pay elsewhere.

In other words, in the case of small payments, if the payment is not made due to other reasons, you can try to pay through another PG company, but if you do not pay the information fee in one place, you cannot pay in full. That’s why you don’t have to pay for multiple apps, and it doesn’t take long because you can check it right away if you pay for one content.
Another advantage is that payments are much easier than small payments because they are not affected by the policy of the payment agency.
In summary, you don’t have to try to pay as much as a small payment when you process information fees in cash, and the payment method is much better than a small payment. Content loyalty revenue generation Content loyalty revenue generation is synonymous with information loyalty revenue generation. Then why do people use different names for content and information royalties?

In the past, the amount paid at the Google Play Store by 2016 was listed as a “smartphone message fee” on the mobile phone bill. 정보이용료 70 However, the name of the specification has now been changed from ‘smartphone information fee’ to ‘content fee’. Anyway, the name of the current mobile phone bill has changed from information fee to content fee, but the reason why people call it differently is that many people have encountered and used the word information fee.
Until 2016. There are still people who wonder if there is a separate limit to the content fee after the information fee is exhausted, but there is no need to be confused because it is the same limit.

Google monetization, content usage monetization, and content monetization are all the same words, and the same words are used to express content usage monetization.
How to withdraw iPhone information fees Existing iPhones only support credit card payments in Korea, causing great inconvenience to iPhone users. 정보이용료 80 However, from June 13, 2019, payment of mobile phone information fees has been added to payment methods such as iPhone, iPad, and App Store, allowing Apple users to pay mobile phone information fees.

Go to iPhone settings and add payment methods. Go to iPhone settings and click Apple ID Account → Enter Payment and Shipping. Select Add Payment Method → Select Mobile → Use this mobile number and enter your billing name and billing address below. * If you select “Use this mobile phone”, there is no separate authentication procedure.
* In order to register a mobile phone as a payment method, you must obtain a “mobile phone payment agreement” from the mobile carrier. * Mobile payment/message usage fee/app payment/market payment name may vary slightly by carrier.
* If you select “Use a different phone number,” you must pass the authentication process for that phone number. Click Modify after creation → Drag the phone you just added to the top.

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