Handing over existing customers is not a job.


Handing over existing customers is not a job. They’re giving way to an existing customer.
Why give up business and give up customers? It is said that they passed on the know-how of this small payment cash business that can easily earn tens of thousands of won to them and passed it on to existing customers… Of course, I have never seen such a situation. Because of course it’s a lie. Anyone who has done mobile micro payment caching will know.

Once you do business with one company, you will exchange cash with that company again the next time you use it, unless there is a special problem.
This is because the cost is not much different even if you transfer to another small payment acquisition company, and it is easy to be swindled when dealing with other companies you do not know well. Therefore, once a deal is made from a business perspective, the customer is greeted most kindly and sincerely to ensure a revisit.

By the way, do you want to give someone else a precious customer who comes to your company every month?
If you have any common sense, think twice about liars. If anyone can easily make high profits from the small payment business, why pass on the know-how to others?
If you receive a small payment cash transfer, you will be charged a deposit of at least 15%. I earned 5 million won from the first month and now I earn about 26 to 30 million won.

Based on the above advertisement, it is a typical fraudulent method that is lured with sweet words even though money is coming in while sitting comfortably to people who want to learn the small payment monetization business.

The above advertisement is not 100% impossible, but as I said before, monetizing the small payment business requires a lot of effort, investment cost, and time. No business is as easy as all businesses are.
If it’s a business as successful as that advertisement, why teach others for a penny?
As the liar said, anyone can make small profits if they know small payments, so why don’t you find your family or trusted acquaintances and do business while paying them? Employees? According to scammers, they can earn more than 20 million won a month even if they hire employees and pay them.
I’ve been working in this industry for over a decade and I’ve met a lot of companies, but the so-called big companies are really busy and doing a good job, so I asked them tㅍo cash in on small payments, and they couldn’t accept it commercially.

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